Bright Light on Black Shadows

Bright Light on Black Shadows
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Foreword "Having attended numerous international conferences in the last 30 years — some open, some closed, invitation only — in various countries from Moscow to Washington DC in the fields of parapsychology, exopolitics and ufology, mind control, psychiatry, neuro-electromagnetic telecommunication in military medicine, electronic warfare experimentation with an unknowing public with "non lethal weapons" etc. I feel I have acquired quite a bit of information which the general public should be made aware of. In spite that governments and secret services in various countries want to keep the lid on the extreme technical advances in science like time travel, continuous trips to other planets like Moon, Mars, Saturn etc. to keep the general public in ignorance. Reading and influencing thought signals, manipulation of our behaviour by electrical, chemical and psychological means is totally unknown to the general public and even mediocratic medical doctors. (...)" Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde, MD

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